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This Is Why I Won't Marry You...



"In this 212 page, 46,000+ word book, Armani Valentino leaves no stone unturned."


After 5 years of research and over 100,000 conversations with men & women, he has come up with the real reasons and not excuses to "Why They Won't Marry You."


The book is pragmatic and practical. It doesn't matter where you are in your relationship, you will be able to bridge the gap on whether or not to move forward to the alter, be still and keep dating, or leave the relationship.


Most of all, you'll be able to see yourself for who you really are. Maybe you are the reason? The common denominator? Maybe not?


This book deals with the missing pieces of communication and understanding in relationships like never before. And...



  • How to tell if you're dating "THE ONE."
  • Why Men & Women Cheat
  • What Men Really Want
  • What Women Really Need
  • 10 Women ALL Men Should Run From
  • 5 Men You Should Never Marry
  • The 5 Second Rule




"The book is an easy and inspiring read. Both spiritual and secular readers will enjoy the real life stories and be able to relate. In his best written work to date, Armani Valentino definitely has a bestseller with this one."

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