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THE LOVE TRIANGLE: How to Heal from a Broken Heart (Hurt, Shame, Bitterness, & Betrayal) - AMAZON.COM BEST-SELLER




How to HEAL from a Broken Heart

(Hurt, Shame, Bitterness, & Betrayal)


  It is my intent to help you heal from a "broken heart." A broken heart can be devastating. It can cause one to lose the desire to live. It can also cause lack of ambition, loss of or increase in appetite, and numerous other destructive behaviors. Hopefully, the words that are on the pages in this book will be just the guide that you are looking for to help you heal from your broken heart.

   This book was actually supposed to be out before now, but I was distracted once I started writing and producing my first play. However, for my own life, the completing of this book was right on time. Why do I say that? While much of the book was written on experiences from the distant past, after going back to complete the book, my more recent broken heart was actually healed from this process once again. So, does it work? I would have to say, ?Yes!?

   No matter how dark things may seem in your life, things will turn for the better if you change the focus. Learn from all and appreciate all that you have experienced in your life.

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