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A Wise Man Once Said by Stacy A. Roberson - 40 of the Most Empowering Quotes for Daily Christian Living


40 of the Most Empowering Quotes for Daily Christian Living

Message from the Author: I pray that you found this book to have been one to change your thought process on how you view Christianity as it pertains to the world. Writing this book not only changed my heart, but it changed my life. I have never found a joy so unique that I would have thought that I would have the guts to put it into words. Yet, I did. This was the outcome. I pray that you find the book just as enriching as I did writing it. I believe that you will be able to take away with you a well-refined wisdom; One which has been tried and tested through the fire. It took me six years to complete this masterpiece. So, know that the prize that you have now has been earned with much integrity and determination. Thank you for this chance to show you my most inner-thoughts and my transparency to be real in a time where truth finds her place under the sun.


What People Are Saying About “A Wise Man Once Said…


“This book will transform the way you think both mentally and spiritually. It will guarantee you to become wise in every area of your life”. -Youth Pastor/Entrepreneur Kennie L. Dunn


“A Wise Man Once Said is an amazing book that should grace everyone's bookshelf. It combines inspiration with biblical truths that will guide you through your journey in life”. -Best-Selling Author Hassani Pettiford


“This book will not only elevate your thinking, but it will literally transform your life”.

-National Gospel Recording Artist Drea Randle


“If you ever needed a book that you can explore the power of visualization, belief, inspiration, healing, and positive thinking this is definitely a book worth reading”.

-Film Director Jamar Bruce

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