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The Best Time to Become an Author is Right Now

I am a 7-Time Amazon International Bestselling author. I've written and self-published 10 books. My publishing company, College Boy Publishing, has 20 books that we have published and over 20 in the works. I published my first book at the age of 19, and actually had some of my first work published while in junior high. I have been able to meet numerous stars like Janet Jackson, Stedman Graham, multiple actors, singers, and celebrities because of my books. I have also been paid to come and speak because of the expertise that having a book instantly gave me


My mother, a professional educator for the last 19 years, self-published her first cookbook at the age of 28. I was 5 years old at that time and learned the process of how to write, publish, and get paid for work that I did one time. As a matter of fact, my mother still makes money from that book over 25 years later. She also wrote 2 other cookbooks that she still gets paid from today.


Write and Grow RICH

Every wealthy person that I've ever met has some form of residual, recurring, or royalty income from somewhere. It may be music, publishing of all sorts, regular customers, memberships, rentals, dividends, etc.

Whatever the case is, most self-published writers don't ever make any money from their work because they can't get published by a major. Therefore, they give up on their dream of getting their work out to world.


Others, have ideas, but don't know where to start.

Therefore, they never complete a book.


Even authors that have been published by major publishers may not make enough money to pay bills after they get their advance.


For all of these, this is where I come in. I have been able to write, publish, and get paid WITHOUT A MAJOR PUBLISHER. I have been showing others how to do the same for 3 years now, and one of my authors advised that I make what I teach available to the masses.


Therefore, I decided to create my program,




This is a NO EXCUSE PROGRAM, WHERE I PERSONALLY SHOW anyone that can talk or has the ability to understand these words, how to write a book in 10 days, publish it in 30 days and get paid.


One of my friends and mentors, Big Boom, wrote 2 national bestselling books that were actually signed to Simon & Schuster and received a multiple six-figure deal. The interesting thing is, Boom will tell you himself, that he can't read or write.


With the cell phone market being absolutely enormous, people can now read your book on their phone. And, with the invention of the eReaders like kindle, nook, sony reader, and other devices like the iPad, book sales have been soaring. And...what's even more important is that book sales for self-published authors has been on the rise.


At one point Amazon was selling over 1,000,000 Kindle devices a week. This didn't even include the online and cell phone downloads where the app was free. So, as you can see, the major and self-published author alike have been put on a more equal playing field than before. Why? One word...




The new platforms such as the Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle, iBooks, and the iPad, make it easier for new authors to reach individuals around the world. If you were to do a search of my name or books on Amazon, you will see that through the marketing system that Amazon has set up, I am listed beside the TOP BOOKS in the world for my genre. I am consistently on the bestsellers list with authors like Steve Harvey, John Gray, Gary Chapman, and others.


While I'm not saying any of this to impress you, I want to impress upon you, that if a young man that hated English in school so much that he failed it twice can become a bestselling author, so can you




The program that I've created is simple and straight to the point. I cut out all of the fluff. This is the meat. This is STEP-BY-STEP what you need to do to WRITE A BOOK IN 10 DAYS, PUBLISH IT & GET PAID. The good thing is, I am going to show you how to get paid each and every single month for MANY YEARS TO COME!

I PERSONALLY WALK YOU THROUGH the PROCESS BY PHONE. Please include your phone number when you order.



***As an added bonuses, I will also show you how to make $5,000 - $25,000 a year through your writings.


*** will also get a 60-minute phone consultation with me personally to help with planning of your book.


Total Value for this normally is $329






They say, "People that won't take Step 1...won't take Step 2."



Take step one and Order today!


Call me at 972-383-9234 to schedule your consultation. Please leave a message if no one answers. We will return your call within 24 hours.

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