National Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Publisher, Certified Relationship & Communication Life Coach 
Edutainment/Marketing Consultant, Director, Producer, Playwright, Actor 
 ~Renaissance Man~

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60-Minute Coaching/Consulting for your Relationship, Better Communication, Weight Loss & Healing from the Past!


Known as the Coaches Coach...

As a Certified Life Coach and Marriage & Family Champion with the State of Texas' TWOgether in Texas program, Armani Valentino has numerous years and a long list of skills and techniques that will help almost anyone get unstuck and accomplish the specific purpose of the coaching session. The main sessions offered include:


  • Relationship Coaching
  • Weight & Image Management
  • Small Business & Hobby Start-Up Coaching
  • Communication Coaching
  • Healing Hurts from the Past Coaching
  • Clearing Session


You will receive a 60-Minute Phone or Video Session with Armani Valentino. Normal cost is $250/hour. All of our clients have been successful at accomplishing more of their goals, healthier relationships, better communication, getting over fears, and have healed from deep hurts from the past.

You will also receive email access for 30 Days with any questions that will keep you up-to-date and make sure you are on track. Individuals that take advantage of this offer will also be able to have access to special pricing on a monthly basis. 

You will also receive a written evaluation and plan of action to help insure your success. 

For more information; Call 972-781-8404

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