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Why Do We Hurt Each Other? & How Do We Get Back 2 Love? PART 1


In his third book on relationships, International, #1 & National Best-Selling Author, Armani Valentino takes on a very real issue and the challenges involved in producing more healthy relationships.

In the same straight forward, right to the point manner, Valentino leaves no stone unturned as he gives the reader 12 MAIN REASONS why they hurt the other person, and 36 REAL ways to GET BACK 2 LOVE.

Armani says, "Most of the time, both parties are wanting their needs met, and are using the other person as the excuse for why their needs aren't being met. This keeps the relationship at a stand still. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even do that. It actually damages the relationship daily when both parties are doing this."

In this sure to be best-seller, both men & women alike will be able to relate and get down to the core of the issues and be able to focus on the solutions; all while understanding that both parties will have to do their part.

Armani Valentino also says, "Both men are women are talking. However, nobody is being heard. For this reason, we seem to keep hurting one another; accidentally & on purpose. How do you get back to the love you once had or better, once you've offended one another & seem to have lost the passion in the relationship? How do you really start over? Can you? or is it finally over? And if so, will the same things go on in the next relationship?"

"INVEST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP! It's worth it!" ~Armani Valentino

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