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Edutainment/Marketing Consultant, Director, Producer, Playwright, Actor 
 ~Renaissance Man~

Who Is Armani Valentino?

Born Armani Valentino Moss, Armani Valentino is the author of 10 books & author of the best-selling books, 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him and Definitely Before Having SEX , This Is Why I Won't Marry You, The Love Triangle: How to Heal from a Broken Heart & The Power of Forgiveness (e-Book).  

He wrote and self-published his first book at the age of 19.  It was a collection of poems that he had written entitled, The Perfect Girl.  Armani Valentino has since then completed 8 other books; 99 Questions...Before Having SEX, If You Want to Lose Weight Don't Listen to Your FAT Friends, The LOVE Triangle: How to Heal from a Broken Heart, Claim the INCREASE, THIS IS WHY I WON'T MARRY YOU...and 3 eBooks entitled, The Power of Forgiveness, Getting Your Man to Do What You Want, & Why Do We Hurt Hurt Each Other?; all available on   

   Armani Valentino's book, 99 Questions reached national bestseller status along with reaching the bestseller's list for after only 2 months on Kindle. He also reached #1 on in the US and the bestseller's list internationally in the UK, Mexico, and Germany on Amazon.

   Armani is a visionary. He has a resilience that's unmistakable. If you know him personally, you know he will always find a way to help people and create win-win situations for all parties involved.  He uses his writings, movies, blogs, videos, and plays as a means of promoting:

          1. Better communication skills in relationships
          2. Healthier relationships
          3. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs/STIs
          4. Domestic Violence Prevention for Both Females/Males
          5. Literacy and Education
          6. Prevention of Teen Pregnancy

   Because of these core goals, Armani Valentino has been a featured lecturer and workshop presenter at colleges and universities nationwide (Jackson State University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State University, Arkansas State University and more).  He has also been a guest on the nationally syndicated "Rickey Smiley Morning Show," Dallas' K104fm, and has had numerous television, radio, internet, podcast, newspaper and public appearances.  What started as one book (99 Questions)  has now turned into a brand.  The Armani Valentino brand now includes the following:

1.) 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him and Definitely Before Having SEX - Non-fiction book

2.) 99 Questions Before Having SEX - WORKSHOP

3.) 99 Questions Before Having SEX - The Stage Play

4.) If You Want to Lose Weight Don't Listen to Your Fat Friends - Non-fiction book 

5.) Battle of the SEXES: Men vs. Women...Who's Really at War? - Workshop

6.) The Love Triangle: How to HEAL from a Broken Heart (Hurt, Shame, Bitterness, & Betrayal) - #1 AMAZON.COM BESTSELLER

7.) CLAIM THE INCREASE - Self-Help Book - NEW!

8.) 99 Questions Before Having SEX - the Novel (Coming Soon)

9.) 99 Questions Before Having SEX - The Movie (Coming Soon)


11.) This is Why I Won't Marry You... (NEW) 

When it all started to make sense....

   After receiving a prophetic word of confirmation from Master Prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, Armani finished 99 Questions Before Having SEX in approximately 3 weeks.  Armani says, "I had started the book, but became a little fearful or afraid of what others might say because I was so young writing this, but once I got the word of confirmation, finishing the book was easy!  Especially since I got the word of confirmation from someone that I had never met or talked to.  The words that he said to me were as if he were reading the plans that had been put on my heart.  He even knew about me wanting to speak at colleges and told me that I would be speaking to crowds that year (2007).  And sure enough, I started getting requested to come and speak.  I am thankful to the MOST HIGH!" 

   Best-Selling Author, Relentless Aaron, says, "99 Questions...Before Having SEX will be a book that is relevant for years to come."  Big Boom, the self-proclaimed Body Guard for Women's Hearts & Relationship Expert, says, "Armani is right on point.  His generation and others need this book."

   Then, after writing the book and taking it to colleges, churches, community organizations, everywhere he possibly could, Armani Valentino was inspired to write a play.  The play, 99 Questions Before Having SEX, was inspired from the real-life situations that inspired the non-fiction book.  This was another task that Valentino says he was running from because he knew the great responsibility it would involve.  However, once again, he didn't shy away, and with the help of those around him and the Most High, he says he was able to do it.

   "We accomplish nothing in LIFE on our own!  We attract people into our experience, but we don't accomplish on our own.  Everyone is important and everyone counts.  I learned through the play that every single character, no matter how small of a role that they think they played, really made a big difference!  If one person wasn't there, you could tell.  I don't know if they understood their importance, but I know I sure did. Life is the same way."

   "I would say to anyone that doesn't feel that they count or they matter, think again.  If you didn't you wouldn't be here.  Don't put yourself down all the time.  You do count and you make a difference.  The thing is, just because you may not be getting the attention you want for something you are doing, just keep doing it and eventually you will get that attention and appreciation.  My mom taught me to always try and do your work well.  Eventually, you will be rewarded for it abundantly. So, that's the attitude I take.  Do the best YOU can with what YOU have."  

Claim the INCREASE~ See you at the TOP!

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